How to become an actor?
  How to become an actor? How to become an actor?  

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A few years ago I made a short film with an actor friend of mine, called "WAITING TO ACT"* about the comedy and misery of young people who come to Hollywood and wait tables, sometimes for years, waiting to get their union card.  Well there's another way to do it.  Stay right where you are and let Hollywood come to you.  You don't have to uproot yourself, quit your job, spend your life savings, live in a cheap apartment and do what most actors do when they come to Hollywood of New York-wait tables or bartend. You can live at home, spend a tiny fraction of that money, and find out what the business is all about before braving the smog, traffic and crime of Hollywood and New York.  That's what happened to me.  And that's why we wrote this book.

Most people don’t realize that there are over a hundred and seventy-five film commissions all across the United States. All of them working hard to bring Hollywood right into your own backyard for a variety of reasons-mostly economic. There’s a lot of money to be made when a movie comes to your state. Hotels, restaurants, jobs for local citizens, rentals, location fees-it only makes sense for your state government to want a piece of this rather large and expensive pie. Hollywood spends a lot of  money when they film on location, not to mention the prestige and worldwide exposure that your state and community can get.

On a recent shoot that took us into several Midwestern states, we promised many of our new friends and aspiring actors that we would send them a book from Hollywood with the information on how to get started in the business and who to talk with in their area. We searched the shelves of Los Angeles book stores thinking there already was a book published with the names and addresses-“the contacts”-you would need in all fifty states. There was no such reference work and ta-da this book was born.

We began by contacting the film commissions all across the country and painstakingly gathering the names, addresses and phone numbers of all of the casting directors, agents, union offices and film commissions in your area. All the ones that we could find listed anywhere. (We probably missed a few but not to many.)

*Won a bunch of awards, by the way.

This is not a motivational book.  This is a manual.  I'm going to describe the business to you as I know it.  I'm going to tell you who the players are.  Then I'm going to lay out a specific course of action.  Take it one step at a time.  My purpose is not to sell you on the idea of you, or your child, being in movies and commercials.  It's to get you enough experience in the industry, at minimal expense, so you can make that decision for yourself.  You go through these steps, and you'll probably be on a movie set, but I make you no promises except this:  If you don't try, nothing will happen.            

Who should be reading this book?  What kind of people have a prayer of getting into film or television?   How can I be in a movie?  I don't look like a movie star.   How many people in a movie do you think look like a movie star?

How many people in a soap commercial look like a screen legend?  Now I'll grant you, if you want to model lingerie and you're twenty pounds overweight, you could have a problem.  But I think I'm making my point:  Movies are supposed to look real.  Hollywood is about being believable.   You can't be too old, young, tall, short, light, dark, skinny, fat, bald or beautiful or ugly to be in a movie.  I'm no beauty, myself.  It starts with a picture.  You don't have to look good, but your picture does

How to become an actor?