How to become an actor?
  How to become an actor? How to become an actor?  

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By Kelly Junkermann


Over the past few years there have been many books written on how to break into show business.  The problem is they all deal with the inner workings of Hollywood or New York.  Now here for the first time in one publication is a hands-on workbook designed specifically for the rest of the country.


If you've ever said to yourself "one day I'm going to go to Hollywood and give it a shot", "Hollywood USA" will get you started wherever you live.  In this exciting and easy to follow book you'll find out about everyone and everything you wanted to know on how to begin today.


I've worked with Phil and Randy for over twenty years and watched them find their way through the difficult and confusing maze of show business.  They are both graduates of the school of hard knocks.  They listened, learned, and applied themselves and they'll be the first to tell you--If they can do it.  You can do it. 


What they've done is put together a road map that will help you avoid many of the pitfalls they learned through trial and error.  This book will definitely make your journey easier as it helps you through the tedious research process that comes with beginning any new endeavor.  It's the kind of book that makes my job easier because when I come into your town you will be better prepared.  As an actor or an extra you'll have a better understanding of the casting and audition process.  You'll realize that what seems to be mass confusion on a movie set is really a well choreographed troupe of professionals all working independently, but with one single minded purpose- to make a good movie.


Whether you're considering "showbiz" as a career, a hobby, or just have a passing interest about how this strange and exciting business works this book is for you.  It delivers just what the cover says- "How You Can Be Part Of The Entertainment Industry Right In Your Own Hometown.


Good Luck!


Kelly Junkermann

writer/producer/ director

Gambler IV & V, McShane, Rio Diablo,

A Day In The Life Of Country Music


How to become an actor?