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HOLLYWOOD U.S.A. (Electronic Book)

Become an actor, start an acting career without moving to Los Angeles or New York



filming near your hometown need you!

Land acting jobs without moving to Los Angeles or New York

Thousands of scripts are being filmed every day on locations across the country. Yes! even in your area casting directors need local talent of every variety!

Now all barriers are broken down with this step-by-step, easy-to-understand guide to getting those acting jobs you want- Become an actor without leaving home!

An Easy Step Guide On How You Can :

  • Land Acting/Modeling jobs in your local newspaper.

  • How to Get Your Child into Acting Business.

  • How to Become an Actor and Get a Part in a Movie.

  • Get the right picture and resume for actors.

  • Find a Talent Agent in Your Area.

  • What casting directors are looking for in actors.


  • Glossary of entertainment terms

  • Extensive state-by-state directory of Film Commissions

  • S.A.G., A.F.T.R.A., Talent Agents, Casting Directors, etc.,

  • Along with each state's recent credits.

What you NEED to KNOW about getting into the business.
Have you or someone you know ever dreamed of becoming an actor or starting  a career
in the Entertainment Industry?

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